Guide to Birding areas within CWP

Because of the size of the CWP birdwatchers so concentrate in the well known areas or chase recent sightings. This does mean that a lot of species are missed.

Our aim is help local and visiting birders find the best areas for birding opportunities.

We have created a summary of good birding areas including an appropriate starting / parking area. To make use of these areas you will need an Access Map of the CWP from the Gateway Centre or download a map from the Maps page of this website.

There are many places within the Water Park where cars could be left at the side of the road but for safety this guide will only point you towards accepted car parking locations.

All the land within the Water Park is privately owned and access is via public footpaths, permissive footpaths and other land open to the public. This does mean that finding birds relies on accessibility and viewability.

The below areas are in the main quite small and distinct but can be added together to make longer walks. We hope the below information helps you discover new areas of the Water Park.

“Whatever you see please let us have a record (Use this link), it all helps in protecting the biodiversity of this area for the future.

Western section:

The western section is the area where gravel was first extracted over 30 years ago and contains the most developed habitats.  This section comprises the land to the west of the A419.

Link to Western section Birding Areas.

Central section:

The central section of the Water Park has yet to be fully excavated and those areas being extracted at present are often distant from public rights of way.   This section comprises the land to the east of the A419.

Link to Central Section Birding Areas

Eastern section:

The eastern section is an area around Lechlade, Fairford and Whelford where gravel was and continues to be extracted and it does have mature habitat.

Link to Eastern Section Birding Areas