The CWP Trust

Cotswold Water Park Trust website

Whilst this website is independent of the Cotswold Water Park Trust, it fully supports and works closely within the the aims of that Trust.

The Trust continues to supply support and information that allows this website to continue.

The Cotswold Water Park Trust is a fully registered charity dedicated to improving the Cotswold Water Park for wildlife and people.

The Trust works in partnership with local authorities, parish councils, landowners, mineral companies, environmental organisations, businesses and the Joint Committee – to achieve a careful balance between development, recreation and nature conservation. The Trust is governed by a Board of at least seven Trustees who oversee the work of a small team of staff based at the Trust’s offices near Down Ampney in the Cotswold Water Park.

The aims of the Trust

The Trust’s main objective is to provide for the public, particularly the inhabitants of Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, facilities for education, conservation, recreation and leisure in the Cotswold Water Park

The Trust works to deliver this objective by:

  • Advising / influencing developers, local authorities, landowners, voluntary organisations on sustainable development
  • Delivering UK & LBAP targets through practical work, surveys, co-ordination of work by others, advice and influence in partnership with landowners and stakeholders
  • Promoting sustainable development throughout the Water Park
  • Providing greater opportunities in the Water Park for education, public art, recreation, public access and sport

Please visit the Cotswold Water Park Trust website where you can find details of dowloadable maps, events and other information about the Trust.