16 May 2017

CWP 74:   Female Cuckoo “bubbling” in hedge by Twitchers gate, also singing Nightingale.    Jon Mercer

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15 May 2017

CWP 57: Nightingale singing near 57/42 for the past few days.  Bob Winkle

 WeBS counts for Cleveland Lakes:.     57 mute swan, 5 greylag goose, 7 Canada goose, 10 grey heron, 2 little egret, 12 cormorant, 23 great crested grebe, 1 little grebe, 7 red-crested pochard, 30 tufted duck, 9 pochard, 4 wigeon, 35 mallard, 31 gadwall, 1 teal, 9 lesser black-backed gull, 12 black-headed gull, 15 common tern, 48 coot, 7 moorhen, 3 redshank, 1 common sandpiper, 3 little ringed plover, 1 ringed plover, 2 dunlin, 1 common snipe, 1 lapwing and 1 oystercatcher.     Other birds seen:  2 cuckoo, 20 garden warbler, 4 willow warbler, 11 whitethroat, 9 blackcap, 43 reed warbler, 6 Cetti’s warbler, 16 sedge warbler, 1 nightingale, 11 reed bunting and 6 chiffchaff.   Also several Roman snails out after the early morning rain.     Nick Adams

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14 May 2017

CWP 132:   18 Red Crested Pochard, Black-tailed Godwit, 3 Oystercatcher, 5 Ringed Plover, 8 Little Ringed Plover, 4 Dunlin, Cuckoo and 2 Yellow Wagtail.   Nigel Pleass

Blakehill: Quail calling, Whinchat, Lesser Whitethroat, Garden Warbler, Green Woodpecker, Mistle Thrush, 2 Hares     Robin Griffiths

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13 May 2017

CWP 29:  Shelduck, Oystercatcher, 4 Common Tern. Nigel Pleass

CWP 74:   2 Redshank, 3 Oystercatcher, Common Sandpiper and 12 Common Tern.   Nigel Pleass

CWP 200:   4 Little Egret  Nigel Pleass

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11 May 2015

Please note that for the next couple of weeks I have been summoned to Northumberland and the Farne Isles.   I tried to resist for a few minutes but have been told that it is my turn to go.   I will have WiFi and the blog will be updated daily but this may only be in the evening.   Bob Philpott

Osprey (Dave Soons)

Osprey initially over Ashton Keynes then over CWP 43 at 3.15 pm.    Blue ring 6K shows up on photos.  Thanks to Roberta for pointing out that if this is correct this is a male born at Rutland in 2014.  Dave Soons

Dawn Walk Cleveland Lakes, CWP68 & Reed Hide:   17 Great Crested Grebe , 4 Little Egret, 7 Cormorant,  39 Mute Swan, 4 Gadwall, 4 Pochard, 4 Redshank over scrape in display flight, 2 Dunlin, 2 Oystercatcher, Common Sandpiper,  17 Common Tern, 2 Green Woodpecker and Cuckoo.   Singing Warblers – 15 Garden, 7 Blackcap, 9 Whitethroat, 7 Sedge, 12 Reed, 8 Cetti’s, 11 Willow and 9 Chiffchaff.   Nigel Pleass

CWP200:     Little Ringed Plover.   Nigel Pleass

CWP 68c:  Cuckoo in front of new screen.    Huw Jones

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10 May 2017

During a WOS guided walk at Cleveland Lakes today 70 species were recorded, highlights including 2 Garganey drakes, 2 Wood Sandpipers, 9 species of warbler – including Grasshopper Warbler, 3 Common sandpipers, Cuckoos and a number of Hobbies.   Please be aware that some of these are in areas only accessible during such walks.   Kim Milsom

CWP 68d:  This evening Grasshopper Warbler and Cuckoo singing.    Jon Mercer

CWP 132 Two Egyptian Geese, 1+ Shelduck, 4 Little Ringed Plovers, 2 Lapwings, a Curlew (flew over), a Common Sandpiper, 2 Common Terns, 40+ Sand Martins, a Garden Warbler and a male Grey Wagtail feeding at least 3 fledged juveniles nearby.   Andy Jayne

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9 May 2017


Whitethroat (John Grearson)

CWP 74:   Much quieter at Twitchers’ this afternoon but the resident male Common Whitethroat popped up very conveniently.   Overhead 2 Hobby, 1 Red-crested Pochard and Oystercatcher.   John Grearson

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