New Cotswold Water Park App

Natural Apptitude has just developed a new app for the CWP Trust.  Natural Apptitude is well known in the App world for developing scientific recording apps such as Irecord Butterflies, Irecord Mammals and many more.

This app will be of considerable benefit to users of the Cotswold Water Park, especially those who are not totally conversant with the area.

The app has 4 pages:

  • A home page where you can find out about upcoming CWPT events, information about CWP and the Trust and downloads of all the walks guides produced by the Trust.
  • Secondly there is page listing leisure activities within CWP.
  • On the 3rd page there is map of the Water Park which will show you all the lake numbers.  It will show as either a leisure map or open street map and will work with GPS.
  • The 4th and final page shows the sighting page from this website and is up to date within seconds of me entering any records.   On that page is a + sign which if clicked produces a reporting form whereby I receive sightings in exactly the same way as entering information into the form on the website.

A nice development which can be downloaded to your phone from the following app store info pages:



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