Hailstone Lake

It is with a heavy heart that I am having to make this entry on this website.

Sales particulars have been released for the sale of Hailstone Lake.   For details see: http://webbpaton.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Hailstone-Lake-Particulars.pdf

Hailstone Lake is owned by the Cotswold Water Park Trust and is known to birders as Lake 68a/b.  It is the central and possibly largest element of Cleveland Lakes Nature Reserve.    Offers for purchase have been requested by mid April.  It has always been known that the lake should be developed for low key non impactive water sports but the sales details clearly identify the potential for triathlons, dragon boat racing etc.  The new owner would also acquire the sporting rights on this land.

This has appeared in the public domain without volunteers or members being made aware and as at the time of writing nothing has appeared on the Trust website.

The statement made by the CWPT board is as follows:

The Cotswold Water Park Trust seeks partner to develop water activities at Cleveland Lakes

The Cotswold Water Park Trust purchased Cleveland Lakes in 2003 with the purpose of developing the site into the Cotswold Water Park’s top wetland nature reserve and to provide facilities for both visitors and water activities, including rowing.

Since 2003 the Trust has been carrying out major restoration works that have greatly enhanced the site’s value for wildlife and opened up public access.

The Trust has recently concluded that while it possesses the necessary skills to develop the wildlife side of the Cleveland Lakes project, it does not have the capacity to realise the potential of the proposed water activities lake.

Accordingly, the Trust has taken the decision to market the Water Activities Lake (Hailstone Lake) in an attempt to engage a potential partner with which it can continue to realise the potential of Cleveland Lakes.

Responsibility for the Wildlife Lake, the newly created reedbeds and other wetland habitats will remain with the Trust.

I anticipate a number of responses being made by readers of this website.  This website operates independently of the Trust and I know no more than I have been able to explain above.   Please could any responses be made direct to CWP Trust rather through this website.   Bob Philpott

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