16 December 2016

CWP 29:   Great Scaup fem, also pair Goosander, Chiffchaff.    (Note there are a couple of fem tufted duck present with white facial markings).    Jon Mercer,   Bob Philpott

CWP 44:  2 pairs of goosander.     c70 red Crested Pochard.  Little Egret  Jon Mercer.   Felicity Cobb.

CWP 43:   2 drake Goldeneye      Jon Mercer
CWP 41:. 3 goosander Inc 2 m.   Felicity Cobb

CWP 74:  2 drake Goldeneye, c50 Golden Plover with c400 Lapwing.     Jon Mercer

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