15 December 2016

CWP 29:    Female Greater Scaup still present at 1:30pm with 30+ Tufted Duck and 40+ Coot.      Martin Adlam

CWP 74: Seen from Twitchers gate this afternoon the Great White Egret flew over the scrape towards CWP 72.    A marked reduction in the size of the Wigeon flock which has been present for some weeks. Less than 100 present.    Goldeneye 27, Greylag 110, Little Egret 1, Grey Heron 3, Pochard 31, Chiffchaff 1, Lapwing 500+, Golden Plover 12, Mute Swan 24.  Only 2 Cormorant present.      Martin Adlam. John Grearson.  Peter Wright.

Blakehill: At last! A Short-eared Owl flew from the south along the east edge of the plateau then onto adjacent paddocks NE of the reserve then disappeared, 3.50-4.00pm. Also probable Merlin.    Robin Griffiths

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