180 !!

No I haven’t taken up darts but have just undertaken a recount of the CWP bird list for this year to date.   Recounts always change things and instead of the 179 I had recorded I found a couple of species that I didn’t pick up on whilst I was in the Scillies.

So over 180.   That is above last year and the year before and I suspect as high as we have previously achieved. I have retained the same counting system over the years so it is comparable.   For the purists this includes all species, sub species and races reported to this site including any which technically fit into the feral category (but not the odd Muscovy, I couldn’t go that far).

Despite this there are still gaps.   Still time for the Waxwing and a Black Redstart to arrive. No Spoonbill this year and only G. N Diver so it would be nice to see one of the others. We haven’t had Scaup or Long Tailed Duck for a couple of years and a Red Breasted Merganser would push it up even higher.

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