Willow clearance at CWP 68c (Waterhay Reedbed) – can you help?

On Friday 7th October, from 9.30am, a work party will take place to clear willow scrub from CWP 68c, to increase the area of reedbed that can be observed from the new viewing screen. This should result in more birds being seen.

How large an area is cleared depends on how many volunteers turn up so if you can spare some time, please contact Kim Milsom (Kim.Milsom@waterpark.org or 07890 817943). Turning up on the day is fine, but a bit of advance warning means that we can bring enough tools.  Feel free to bring your own bow saws, pruning saws, loppers and work gloves if you have any, but please also make sure you bring sturdy footwear, clothes suitable for work in the outdoors, and adequate refreshments.    Ben Welbourn

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