29 January 2016

CWP 82:     Great Northern Diver still present.   300 Redwing / Fieldfare over.   Jon Mercer

CWP41:  6 Goosander (3M & 3F). Male Goldeneye.      John Grearson

CWP42:  5 Red-crested Pochard, 7 Goosander (6M & one F).     John Grearson

CWP38: incl. tree line adjacent to R. Thames – 25 Siskin in Alders, 40 Redwing, and one male Goosander on the lake. 4 Lapwing over.    John Grearson

CWP29: 4 Stock Dove. Tufted Duck & Pochard present.   John Grearson

CWP40: 2 Grey Heron    John Grearson

Ashton Keynes:  In the garden today 6 Blackcap; looking good for the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend.    John Grearson

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