Cleveland Farm Quarry

The main quarry site at Cleveland Farm is currently in a non-operational phase pending restoration, but is still an active quarry under the joint control of Aggregate Industries and the Cotswold Water Park Trust.  CCTV footage has indicated that a small number of birdwatchers have been accessing the site without authorisation, to view Pit 74A or to attempt to access the scrapes.  Should this activity continue, the Trust would be liable for prosecution under the fairly severe health and safety laws that apply to quarries, and may even risk losing this vital piece of land adjacent to the main Cleveland Lakes reserve.  Please do not be tempted to access this site under any circumstances.  The Trust is working hard on its long term aim to facilitate safe access to a fully restored site for all birdwatchers in the future, and cannot risk having this jeopardised by a minority.  Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Ben Welbourn, Biodiversity & Estates Manager, Cotswold Water Park Trust

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