12 May 2015

No sign of the Spoonbill this morning but one has turned up at Slimbridge.

CWP 10:  Nightingale singing by the main road.   Keith Perkins

Terrapins (Ben Welbourn)

Terrapins (Ben Welbourn)

Neigh Bridge:   Broad Bodied Chaser and 2 Terrapins.     Ben Welbourn.

Terrapins are popular pets (blame Teenage Mutant Ninja etc)  but many have been deliberately released into the wild when they get too big.  Opportunistic omnivores, they can predate native amphibians, fish, invertebrates, dragonfly larvae etc. They are also known to bask on the nests of waterfowl such as Moorhens and thus interfere with breeding.   Somehow the terrapins will need to be removed. Any answers on how to do this to Ben on a postcard please.  I have suggested crocodiles but I don’t think he will go with that one.

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