13 March 2015

CWP 16:  Kumliens Gull present at roost (later flew towards CWP 12).   Also 2 Dunlin, Black Swan.   Nigel Pleass

CWP 12:   3 Sand Martin this afternoon.   Peter Wright

CWP 8:  3 Sand Martin   John Durell

Ashton Keynes:  Garden sightings.  In addition to the two red-crowned Lesser Redpolls a third bird turned up today with a gold crown (with only a vague hint of red at the front), reminiscent of the bird from the previous two winters.  I don’t think it is the same bird though.  Blackcaps are beginning to feed on sunflower hearts on a regular basis. Still about 4 birds visiting, a few usually linger into early April.  Currently about 50 frogs in the pond and first spawn today, one day later than last year. Three Smooth Newts last night, all females, plus a further 5 females in a neighbour’s pond.    John Grearson

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