2014 – The year in focus.

Firstly, Best Wishes for 2015 to all of you.

The following is a summary of what has happened within this website during 2014:

To date, we have had 178 birds reported to this website (species and sub species), one more than in 2013. Unfortunately, this is the first year we did not have a Turtle Dove reported although this has been approaching for a few years now.

Other missing species that might have been expected, given previous years records, include: All 3 Divers, Cattle egret, Glossy Ibis, Bewick and Whooper swan, Scaup, Long tailed duck, Goshawk, Grey Plover, both Stints, Curlew Sandpiper, Kittiwake, Glaucous and Iceland Gull, Sandwich tern, Ring ouzel, Lesser Spotted woodpecker, Pied Flycatcher, Marsh tit, Great Grey Shrike.

If you have recorded any on this ‘missing’ list within CWP in 2014 please let me know and I will update the records.

This website reached 90,000 views for 2014 with 459 Photos being uploaded to the site. The number of unique daily visitors is normally around 200. This number varies and does seem to be related to whether any rarer species are around. It is noticeable that as 2014 progressed there was an increase in the number of people visiting with October, November and December being the busiest.

On February 5th it did reach 985 visits for the day. This also happened to other sites in the area and eventually we worked out it was people searching for the red-flanked bluetail that appeared further down the Cotswolds nearer Bath.

Since the current website started in mid 2011, it has received 245,000 visits. You may recall that this site had been hosted by Surfbirds since about 2007 until there was a problem with a possible virus. Given that the number of visitors has increased over the years I think it is fair to say that around 400,000 visits have been made to the CWP website since it started.

Most people get to the site directly but the main referral sites seem to be the Cotswold Water Park Trust site closely followed by Birding Today and Swindon Birds and Wildlife Blog.   When people move off this site to another they go mainly to the Swindon Birds and Wildlife Blog, Gloster Birder and WOS in that order.

Finally, thank you all again for your sightings and photographs.  Without you there wouldn’t be a website.  All your records are not only published but also used by the CWP Trust and local Bird Recorders.

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