Neck-collared Canada Geese Study, Exeter University

The Canada Goose Study, coordinated by Bea Downing, Exeter university, continues to collect data on the tagged geese across the CWP, with a number of their own observers undertaking fieldwork during 2014.

Thanks to the diligent observation of the WeBS counters and numerous local birders we have maintained a steady flow of re-sightings to the project. Bea is currently still on maternity leave but will be returning in coming weeks and aims to respond to all observers who have submitted re-sightings, to whom she passes on her grateful thanks for all help thus far!

In the meantime, please feel free to continue sending in re-sightings of geese to this blog or direct to her at her Exeter University address ( Please record the date and location, the total flock size and the collar codes as well as any associations between tagged birds.    Than you.  Gareth Harris

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